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Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Lisa Orban, and in 2013 I sat down and started my first book, publishing two years later in October of 2015 as an Indie author. I have since written a total of four books, in three genres, and created four adult coloring books as well. All Indie published.


I will admit, when I began my adventure in publishing I had no idea what I was getting myself into nor realize the enormity of the learning curve when I sent my first book out into the world until the reality of the situation crashed down, and I began my crash course in all things publishing. Even now, I continue to learn new things as the publishing world grows, changes and adapts to the ever changing landscape we navigate through.


In the years since I published my first book, I have learned one constant that has not changed, as sad as it is to say, Indie authors are often taken advantage of by a whole host of people who exist solely to cater to authors, editors-formatters-promoters-etc. but fail to deliver adequate service. To help combat this, we have found vendors who come with recommendations from those they have worked for before and have provided examples of their work for us to evaluate before adding them to this list. You can also find additional services on our Author Resources page. 

You do not need to be an author with Indies United to use these services, they are open to any author looking for help polishing their book for publication. We do not receive any kickbacks from any of these services. We provide these lists only to help authors navigate through the often confusing world of publishing and all that comes with it.


Editing Services

Jennie Rosenblum | Reviewer, Beta Reader & Editor
Jennie Rosenblum
Reviewer, Editor &
Beta Reader
Jeff DeMarco
Proofreader, Editor,
Content Development
Chew Cheng Yew Photo.jpg
Chew Cheng Yew
Editing Services
Sally 1 12x15cm.JPG
Sally Dixon
Proofreader & Editor

Book Design and Formatting

Danielle Johnston | Cover Artist
Danielle Johnston
Cover Artist
Dave Reed
Dave Reed
Interior Book Design

Book Services



Digital Reading Platform

Wes Yeager.jpg
Wes Yeager
Audio Book Production
KC Book
Book & Printing Services

Media & Marketing Consultants 

Britt Wynn_headshot.jpg
Britt Wynn
Media Consultant &
Radio Booking Agent
Claire Perkins
Book Talk Radio Club
Content Management

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