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Jeff DeMarco


I’m a professionally trained editor with a decade of experience in various facets of the craft. I am the owner of DeMarco Writing and Editing, LLC, WolfPackAuthors nonprofit, and I’m an author with Indies United. My personal publications include several titles in fiction, as well as professional, military and industrial nonfiction and technical writing. I feel fortunate to be in a position now where I can help other authors achieve their writing goals, and my job isn’t done until you’re happy with the manuscript!

In addition to a professional non-fiction background in military and business ghostwriting and editing, I hold a bachelors of arts degree from Wayne State University, certification from the University of Michigan, and am working towards a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing.

When you’re in the market for proofreading, developmental, copy or line editing services, please drop me an email or visit my website for more information.

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