Lisa M. Orban

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Lisa Orban was born in Galesburg, IL a long time ago on a hot summer day. Due to various shenanigans by the adults in her life, her time in Galesburg was short and the family moved to Quincy, IL where they settled down for a good long stay.


Things were rolling along for a while inside the confines of Quincy, and Lisa rolled with them. There were several divorces, marriages, different schools, friends lost & gained, and many, many moves throughout all this activity. Until, quite unexpectedly, Lisa found herself in foster care at 16, much to her surprise.


Upon turning 18, Lisa ran away as fast as she could to Phoenix, AZ where she lived for 3 years. Got married, had two sons, made many mistakes, and then eventually, ran for her life back to Quincy, where she still lives to this day.


Lisa went to college, earned an Associates in Psychology, raised her 5 kids, got married, and divorced, several times, bought a house and eventually settled down to live the life she wanted, as the ringleader in a madhouse of anarchy. She now writes books, started a publishing house, takes in human strays in need of help, travels, and pretty much does whatever she wants, and is quite happy about it.


She became an author in 2015 with her first book, It'll Feel Better when it Quits Hurting, and hasn't stopped since. If you'd like to learn more about Lisa's misadventures in living, visit her website, The Talking Book with Lisa Orban .

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Books by Lisa Orban


It'll Feel Better when

it Quits Hurting

Genre: Memoir

Okay, Picture This Book One


This book is a perfect blend of grim reality combined with contagious humor that will immerse the reader into a memoir that is profoundly involving, moving and entertaining.


If I were Dictator

A tongue-in-cheek guide to

saving our democracy

Genre: Political Satire

Tired of politics as usual? Feeling pressured to take sides? Exhausted trying to figure out who you need to unfriend today? Author Lisa Orban comes to the rescue using humor, sarcasm, and a little bit of math to engage readers with a collaborative approach to solving our problems as a society united.


Infinite Indies


Genre: A Multi-Author Anthology

A feast of fiction. Flights of fantasy. A smidgen of SciFi. And a dash of dark romance. Stories to titillate any taste.


Wine Comes in


Genre: Memoir

Okay, Picture This Book Two


Lisa Orban is ready once more to share her triumphs, tragedies and hysterical misadventures in her eagerly anticipated second book.


Visual Virtigo

Genre: Coloring Books

Volume 1 - 4

Relax, let your mind unwind, and reduce stress with these soothing repeating patterns to create eye-catching optical illusions.


I'd rather Starve

than Cook!

Genre: Cookbook

Everybody needs to eat. Not everyone likes to cook. With this cookbook you’ll never have to starve again with over a 100 easy, no stress recipes anyone can make in less time than it takes to get delivery.


21st Century Pulps

Genre: A Multi-Author Anthology

From Indie Authors all over the world, comes tales of global literature depicting life and experiences from the modern Information Age.

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