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Publishing Hackers


Where we differ from other companies providing similar services is that we believe in providing education along with our services. Educating and empowering authors to take the success of their novels into their own hands is one of our company's key values. To do this, we are including access to our Publishing Hackers Academy as a bonus. You will also receive one-on-one coaching to walk you through the different sections of Amazon and the strategies we use to succeed.


With this package, we will help you to run an Amazon Best Seller campaign, where we will get you into the top 100 best seller list in a specific category on Amazon and possibly all the way to #1.

The package includes:

  • Identifying your ideal reader and genre

  • Book description writing service

  • Amazon Best Seller campaign

  • Amazon ads set up

  • In-depth analysis of Keywords and Categories

  • Setting up your A+ Content

Download Amazon Best Seller PDF

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