Anderson, Wendy

Genre: Fantasy

Genre: Middle School Mysteries

Genre: Poetry

Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Bradley, Benjamin

Genre: Mystery

Genre: Literary Fiction

Genre: Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Genre: Espionage Fiction - Thrillers

Genre: Educational - Self Help

Genre: Family Memoir

Genre: Future History - Fiction

Genre: Political Humor

Genre: SciFi Tech

Genre: Hard-Boiled Detective - Mysteries - Fantasy - Steampunk

Genre: Fantasy

Genre: Children's Book

Genre: YA Fantasy

Genre: Poetry

Hiller, Max H

Genre: Hard-Boiled Detective Mysteries

Genre: Travel Memoir

Genre: Political Commentary - Photographer

Genre: Fiction

Genre: Military Thrillers

Genre: Science Fiction

Murray, JB

Genre: Urban Fantasy - Horror - SciFi

Genre: Educational - Medical School Children's Books

Genre: Memoirs - Cookbook - Coloring Books - Political Satire

Raiford, Andrew

Genre: Science Fiction

Genre: Paranormal Mysteries

Genre: Pulp Fiction

Genre: Fantasy - Crime Drama

Genre: Cozy Mysteries

Genre: Poetry

Genre: YA Fantasy

Genre: Science Fiction - Time Travel

Smith, JM

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Genre: Romance

Weber, Stevie

Genre: Memoirs

Genre: Educational - Math Puzzles

Yvette, Yetta

Genre: Narrative NonFiction

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