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Laurence O'Bryan



I started helping other authors in 2013 after being traditionally published by Harper Collins in the U.S. and U.K. and being translated into 10 languages. My social and blog following grew to such an extend that I knew I could also help other authors get discovered.


I live in Dublin, near the Dublin mountains, from where I commute to our office in the literary heart of the city. I worked for over 25 years in IT marketing. My last job, before being published, was as International Sales Director with an online software as a service company. I worked for ten years in the UK in IT marketing. I also worked as the Director of the College of Digital Marketing in Dublin, and as a board member of the Irish Writers Center. I am a committee member of the Irish Writers Union and the founder of the Dublin Writers Conference.


I love sci-fi, the Lord of the Rings and meeting up with other writers. Come and see us for a free coffee when you are in Dublin.

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