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About Indies United

Greetings my fellow Indie authors and avid readers to our thriving community, where authors and readers can meet, support, and encourage one another.


Here at Indies United, we are a co-op of like-minded authors working together to showcase our books, and our diversity as writers, that embrace over a dozen different genres. We openly encourage and support both new and established authors in their pursuit of finding their audience while bringing to you books worth reading.


Most traditional publishing venues are like a very nice formal dinner party where everything is planned and always follows the same formula. The food is generally good, the entertainment acceptable without being distracting, the conversation predictable, the event exclusive, and always formal. Indie publishing is more like going to a block party. The food is still good, but everyone brings to the table something from their own kitchen, the music is lively, the attire is generally casual, and you never know who you'll meet or what they may say when you do. 


But in this vibrant world of Indie publishing, many authors languish, not because the books they produce are bad, but because the industry itself is stacked against them. Individual voices are easily lost in the din of advertising and most Indies can never hope to compete on the same level as a house author with all their backing. I wanted to change that, and so I created Indies United, to give those authors a home to call their own and bring fresh, innovative, and exciting books to readers all over the world. 


Welcome to our block party.

Spotlight Interview with Indies United founder Lisa Orban
She discusses the challenges facing authors, publishing trends, and her dreams for the future and the authors under her care.

Ribbon Cutting from our Grand Opening

September 12, 2018



We had an amazing day with our local area Chamber of Commerce and many local businesses came out to support us during the event. Thank you to everyone who came out that day to cheer us on, and to everyone who has since.


If you would like to watch the video of the event (sorry about the audio, the acoustics of the building we were in were not in our favor) you can watch in on our YouTube channel at:


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