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Vicki Lowery




Editing is my passion, and I look forward to bringing that passion and my expertise to your project. I have an MA in English and Creative Writing. I’ve edited short stories, fiction, blog posts, memoir, and an expansive doctoral dissertation. My innate intuition about grammar, syntax, and punctuation, my experience, and my training allow me to bring a well-rounded skillset to the editing of your work. 




Proofreading: Even the average reader is put off by overt spelling or grammatical errors, so these decrease the credibility of your work. My eye for detail will find and correct these, helping your work be the best it can be.


Copy editing/line editing: This deals with edits at the sentence and paragraph level, helping the narrative to flow in a logical and pleasing manner, watching for overused words or phrases or inconsistencies.


Developmental/global editing: This service looks at the overall structure of a book or story and should be the first editing step to make sure the characters and plot are consistent throughout, grab the reader’s interest, and come to a satisfying conclusion.




My rate is $25/hr., but I will be happy to discuss a flat rate for longer projects. The rate will reflect the condition of the edit. For example, if the project is raw and unedited, it requires more of my time and effort than something the author has pre-edited. Email me for an estimate.

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