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Jennie Rosenblum

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After two decades of working as a librarian in Texas and reading over 4,000 books, I made a change. Over the last ten years, I've worked with Indie Authors, publishing houses, Literary magazines, Book Bloggers, and other small Indie Author concentrated businesses. The more I learn about the Indie world, the more I want to dive in and support it. In 2016 I started my blog and business, Jennie Reads, which provides services to the Indie Author World. I am constantly attending festivals, classes, and sessions on almost all aspects of how to support an Indie Author. I have also contracted with over a hundred Indie Authors to provide services helping them promote themselves and their books.


My services are reasonable for those authors wanting to invest in their product but not "break the bank" before sales can even start. I am here for the authors that are struggling to get their stories read. I strive to make sure that everyone I work with can publish their best book possible. I find that some of the best stories are at the fingertips of unknown authors.


For more information about my fees or questions, please visit my website.

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