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After two decades working as a librarian in Texas and after reading over 4,000 books, I decided to make a change. Over the last 10 years, I've worked with Indie Authors to provide Beta Reading, Content Editing, and Proofreading. The more I learned about Indie Authors, the more I wanted to dive head first into that world. In 2016 I left the library world and started my blog, Jennie Reads, which has given me a broader understanding of the Indie Author World. Since then I have attended many festivals, classes, and sessions on almost all aspects of how to support an Indie Author. I have also contracted with several Indie Authors to provide services and help them promote themselves and their books.


I offer my services at a reasonable rate for those authors wanting to invest in their product but not “break the bank” before sales can even start. I want to help the authors that are struggling to get their stories read. I strive to make sure that everyone I work with is able to publish their best book possible. I find that some of the best stories are at the fingertips of unknown authors.


For more information about my fees or questions please visit my website.

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