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Have you ever wanted to talk to the author about the book you just read? Now is your opportunity. Every author that is participating in this program will be offering one free ebook and one hour with the author for a virtual Q&A for your book club, library reading group, or classroom with a 5 book minimum purchase (ebook or paperback). They will also be offering discounts for each group purchase and other incentives. To find out more information about this program, please contact Lisa Orban at indiesunitedpublishing@gmail.com Please use Zoom with Us in the subject line and include the author and title in your email. 

Greutman, Cassie

Penchant for Trouble Series Genre: YA Urban Fiction The Arnath Chronicles Genre: NA Urban Fantasy

Krishnan, Bharat

Privilege Genre: Political Thriller

Egg Shaped Ball Genre: Poetry

Carroll, Glenda

Dead Code Genre: Crime Thriller

Cook, Vera Jane

The Fourniers Series Genre: Historical Fiction Pleasant Day Genre: Crime Fiction

Desai, Ketan

Germs of War Genre: Espionage Fiction

Hiller, Max H

Cadillac Holland Mysteries Genre: Hard-Boiled Detective Mysteries

Manwaring, Ana

JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventure Series Genre: Crime Thrillers

Towles, Lisa

Ninety-Five Genre: Thriller