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The Unwanted Guest
A Free Novella


Author: Timothy Baldwin

Genre: Paranormal Horror

Page Count: 24

Word Count: 4824


ePub: 978-1-64456-534-6

Katrine and Cheyenne just wanted to enjoy their vacation,

but someone else had other plans.


A getaway is exactly what Katrine and Cheyenne needed to mend their strained relationship. Though opposites in their beauty and style, their love for the outdoors drew them together. Equal to their love for the outdoors is their disdain for resort-style camping. Amidst their summer-long retreat from civilization, Katrine desperately needs what Cheyenne refers to as "creature comforts." Indeed, they both need this and resolve to enjoy the resort and each other before heading back out into the wild. But someone else had other plans.

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