Timothy R. Baldwin

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Tim grew up in Syracuse, New York. He currently resides in Maryland where he teaches English, Creative Writing, Film, and Theatre on the middle school level. At the insistence of his own students, he began writing seriously in 2014. He credits his love for story to his mother, who spent countless hours reading to him and his siblings when they were growing up. Growing up, he devoured the literary words of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Piers Anthony, and many others. Mysteries, thrillers, and fantasies are among the genre he most frequently reads.  When he’s not writing, he’s reading, teaching, camping, or enjoying a live music concert. 

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Camp Lenape

Genre: Middle School

Book One: A Kahale and Claude Mystery


When a girl goes missing, and none of the adults can give a straight answer, a childhood game suddenly turns into a real, secret mission.


Operation Varsity Blues

Genre: YA Mystery

Book Three: A Kahale and Claude Mystery


When Marcus and Alissa are hired to investigate their classmates, they soon discover something far more sophisticated than high school drama.


A Crock of Sundries

COMING 08/25/2021

Genre: Narrative Fiction

Series: A Crock of Sundries

 Volume One

A pinch of family traditions. A dash of the teenage years. Toss in a few alcohol-infused musings. Top it off with a bit of cheeky satire, and some pensive prose and poetry for a fun literary romp through genres.


Shadows of Doubt

Genre: YA Mystery

Book Two: A Kahale and Claude Mystery


It's the start of a new school year and a budding romance for Marcus and Alissa. However, everything is threatened when a sudden lack of funds puts all school sports on hold. Will they be prepared to risk reputation, and even their safety, to solve this mystery?


Infinite Indies


Genre: Multi-Author Anthology

A feast of fiction. Flights of fantasy. A smidgen of SciFi. And a dash of dark romance. Stories to titillate any taste.


A Bazaar Christmas

A Free Novella

Genre: YA Cozy Mystery

Book 2.5 A Kahale and Claude Mystery

A Christmas caper has Marcus and Alissa on the trail of a new mystery.


A Shot at Mercy

Genre: Narrative Fiction

Series: A Shot in the Dark Book One

Emmitt Wasson’s life wasn’t perfect. But his life was pretty good. That is until a horrific accident left him and his family spiraling out of control.