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The Stash


Author: Benjamin Bradley

Genre: YA Thriller

Page Count: 250

Word Count: 46,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020947619


Paperback 978-1-64456-210-9

Mobi 978-1-64456-211-6

ePub 978-1-64456-212-3

A stash of stolen cash buried deep within a national park sets a thief, a park ranger, and three slackers on a collision course.


Dean Nelson had every detail of his heist planned to perfection. He’d made a flawless getaway and was patiently waiting for the right moment to dig up the money that was buried late in the night without any witnesses. Or at least any witnesses that he knew of.


Katie’s life as a park ranger is centered around one mission: protect the park. On most days the threats are nothing more than off-leash dogs and illegal campfires but one night she realizes something is afoot. Somebody has been digging in her park.


Cooper and his friends are always outrunning the police on their harmless adventures into the unknown. One night, they ended up in the right place at the right time and stumbled upon a clue that could leave them rich beyond their wildest dreams. They just have to find the treasure before somebody catches up to them.


As the three forces collide, can Cooper make it out with the cash in hand or will it cost him more than he bargained for? Is the cash worth their lives?

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