Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley grew up in Parsippany, New Jersey. He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina where he consults for nonprofits and international development organizations. He credits his love of books and writing to his mother who taught him at a young age to appreciate and enjoy stories. Mysteries, thrillers and biographies are among the genres he most frequently reads.


When he’s not writing, Ben is an avid traveler and hiker who also enjoys juggling while running half-marathons. Ben is an AmeriCorps Alum and StartingBloc Fellow with a passion for improving the world.

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The Stash

Genre: YA Thriller

A stash of stolen cash buried deep within a national park sets a thief, a park ranger, and three slackers on a collision course in a life or death race to reach the cash first. As the hunt intensifies who will walk out of the park alive with the prize?


Welcome to the Punkhorns

Genre: Crime Thriller

As Casper and Delaney rush to unravel the mystery of The Punkhorns time is running out as navigate every twist and turn that the case takes them on in a relentless pursuit of answers.


Trouble Afoot

COMING 09/29/2021

Genre: Crime Thriller

There’s something weird happening in Umstead State Park. Weird is okay, but when things take a violent turn, Ranger Zoe Watts brings in Casper Kelly and team to crack the case.