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The Crone II

Author: JM Smith
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Page Count:

Word Count: 

Can they break the curse before it's too late?

Logan and Denie are recovering in the hospital after suffering the wrath of the Crone and barely surviving a horrible car accident that killed Denie's immediate family.

Upon awakening from a comatose state, both girls soon realize they must travel back to Denman Cliffs to bury the remains of Eined in Sacred Ground and break the curse of the Crone.

A mysterious handsome stranger has been watching Logan closely and soon befriends the two girls. He offers his services to help with their dangerous quest. But who is this stranger? and where has he come from? Is he friend or foe?

With the help of Logan’s Mother Cecilia and Denie’s Great Aunt Miasara the small group manages to escape the Hospital and speed off to their destination. The plot thickens when new mysteries come to light that must be solved. Will any of them survive before it is too late or will the Crone overpower them?

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