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JM Smith

Author JM Smith is an American born Author who specializes in the Paranormal Genre.


Born and raised in Southern California he now resides happily in Las Vegas Nevada with his Husband of 14 years and their two small dogs. He is also the proud father of two adult children and one granddaughter who all reside back home in Southern California.


At a very young age JM was terrorized by unseen and unknown entities. He would be awakened in the middle of the night by phantom foot steps walking the hallway to his room. As he grew older JM would experience his bed shaking violently. He was also pinched, pushed, and touched by what he could explain as cold clawed hands. As a teenager he experienced doors opening and closing by when no one else was around, dishes being thrown from a dish rack and appliances turning off and on by themselves.

At the age of eighteen after Graduating high school he moved away from his childhood home that terrorized him for most of his life. He thought he would be leaving that all behind but that was not the case. As an adult JM has built his own self defense against these occurrences and is still in a constant battle between good and evil.


JM Smith has turned the tables sort of speaks and uses his experiences in his writings. Although he is still extremely frightened of the unknown he faces each episode headstrong with a vengeance and challenges as to who? What? And why? These episodes occur.

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