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The Crone I

Author: JM Smith
Series: The Crone | Book One
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Page Count: 169

Word Count: 95,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020952579


Paperback 978-1-64456-240-6

Mobi 978-1-64456-241-3

ePub 978-1-64456-242-0

And a child shall lead them…


At the young age of two, Denie is the lone survivor of a horrific plane crash that claims the lives of her parent. Raised with great love and care by her uncles Rylan and Devon, with the help of her Grandmother Maggie. Seventeen years later, they move to a small town to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, looking for a more peaceful life.


But their dreams of a quiet life are shattered by an eerie visit from the mysterious Mamma Clay when she comes to claim their home, and Denie, as her own. Soon the family is thrown into a strange paranormal realm that reveals Denie’s unsuspected clairvoyant powers.


Thrust into a tangled web of evil, will they be able to solve the mystery of the crone before it’s too late?

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