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BOOK RELEASE 08/16/2023
The Salem Witch Series

The Black Witch


Author: Olivia Hardy Ray

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Series: The Salem Witch Series | Book Two

Page Count: 

Word Count: 75,747

Library of Congress Control Number: 





Friends or Foes?


Despite Annabel Horton’s frantic search through time, her beloved husband, Michele is still missing. It’s during the horror of Jack the Ripper in London, 1888, that he’s finally discovered, hopelessly trapped in the bowels of White Chapel England in the Black Witch’s cage. Annabel and her family attempt to rescue Michele but it’s a trap concocted by the Black Witch and the Devil. Now the devil has Annabel all to himself. Ensnared in a web of death, the only person that can save Annabel and her family is the Black Witch. But will she give up her taste of freedom to help Annabel and her loved ones escape the devil’s grasp?

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