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T.E. MacArthur promises not to drool on Heather Graham.

On Friday, June 23rd, at the beautiful and haunted Hotel Monteleon in New Orleans, T.E. (aka Thena) MacArthur will be on a panel during the Writers for New Orleans Conference. Come 5PM, Thena will join Deanna Chase, T.M. Cromer, Larry Evans, and Angie Fox to discuss Paranormal Writing: A Journey Into the Unknown -- Pulling Back the Veil. And it will be moderated by none other than Heather Graham, Queen of the Paranormal Mystery and Romance, herself. Thena has assured fellow traveler, Sister in Crime member, and hotel roommate, Sharon E. Cathcart, that she will do all in her power not to drool, stammer, or otherwise embarrass herself when in the presence of the Queen. The Conference is set to go all that weekend, with a casino night set up to provide funds to the continuing efforts for post-Katrina New Orleans.

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