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A Kahale & Claude Mystery
Operation Varsity Blues


Author: Timothy Baldwin

Series: A Kahale and Claude Mystery | Book Three

Genre: YA Mystery

Page Count: 224

Word Count: 50,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020948490


Paperback 978-1-64456-217-8
ePub: 978-1-64456-218-5

A new year.

A new mystery.


Gather information, report back to me, and do nothing illegal.


With these instructions received under the cover of darkness and a list of names, Marcus and Alissa launch an investigation into their own classmates.


Friendship and investigative skills will be put to the test as these teen detectives take on their most challenging case yet. But when their investigation is suddenly shut down without explanation, the teens have already gathered too many clues to just leave it alone. As powerful forces work against them at every turn they take, will they be able to rise above the challenge?


What begins as a quick peek into high school drama, quickly turns dark and dangerous for the pair as they pursue answers to the questions someone doesn't want answered.

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