Coming January 22, 2020

Looking for Laura

Author: Ellen Shapiro
Series: Tracey Marks Mystery Series - Book One

Genre: Cozy Msytery

Page Count: 

Word Count:

Everyone has something to hide;
no one tells the truth

Private Investigator, Tracey Marks lives in New York City. With bills looming something needs to change soon or she could lose her business. When Sam Matthews’ wife, Laura, goes missing Tracey takes the case knowing she is out of her element, never having worked a missing person case before. Is she up for the challenge?


As Tracey questions people from Laura’s past, it appears no one really knows Laura and everyone has something to hide, including her own husband. Can her godmother, Mrs. Litman, the one person who knows Laura, give Tracey the answers she needs?


As Tracey delves further she finds herself drawn into a web of deceit. With her life in danger, is there a way out before it’s too late?

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