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Author: Bob Freeman

Series: H2LiftShips Volume 4

Genre: SciFi Tech

Word Count: 42,500

Page Count: 158


Mobi 978-1-64456-276-5

ePub 978-1-64456-277-2

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The history of the H2LiftShip Crew


Trading and dealing for a living is just what the LunaCola's crew is doing to get by. But everybody (or octopus) has a backstory, and the members of the crew have more than enough to reminisce. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to play cards, celebrating a job well done, and recollecting the past but there’s still plenty that still has to come to light.


The big questions, such as how in the galaxy did the born-and-bred asteroid citizen learn to drive sports cars on Earth? Are the bioGels Sentient? The even bigger question is, are they plotting against their owners? And what dark secrets is Jack harboring behind his fears of prison? Those answers and more. Plus: Do octopuses really think that they are better than the terrestrials? (spoiler, yes they do, and there’s a story there as well.

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