Bob Freeman

Bob Freeman graduated from Humboldt State University, California after flunking out of UCLA from spending to much time in Yosemite. He continued the education scheme by taking 4 years for a 2 year Master program studying Anaerobic bacteria digesting Lignin. Forced to work for a living he spent 18 years in the Imperial Valley, as a Public Health Microbiologist/Lab Director, with emphasis on border Tuberculosis and all the other nasties that seem to interact with humans, bats, and dogs (We're talking Rabies). He went on to develop and program a Laboratory Information System software for Public Health Labs.


After years of writing protocols, procedures, and instructional manuals, he started writing science fiction in 2019.

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Beyond Luna

Volumes 1 - 3

Genre: SciFi Tech

Meet the Humans, Canines, Simians, Octopus plying our Heliosphere for fun and profit.



Gigging the Void

Volume 3

Genre: SciFi Tech

Welcome to A future where trade, politics, revenge, and poker keep the population warm in the -70’C emptiness surrounding their homes.



A Back Story

Volume 4

Genre: SciFi Tech

Learn the history of the H2LiftShip crew and find out how their adventures through the solar system began.