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BosonsWave 2


Author: Bob Freeman

Series: H2LiftShips

Genre: SciFi Tech

Word Count: 101,913

Page Count: 334

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023944048


Paperback: 978-1-64456-648-0


Captain Graciela and the sentients of Sol deal with the after effects of a failed software update forced on the HiveSisters.


Broken on the shoals of Luna, Captain Graciela’s Solar Sail ship, BosonsWave is reborn as BosonsWave2. Refurbished, refitted, and squared, Captain Graciela is ready to sail off and trade throughout Sol’s heliosphere, free of advertisers or constraints.


If only the bioGel money-changing devices still worked, it would be easy to exchange goods for ΞStandards. The HiveSisters’ mutated AI tablets infected all of HiveMother’s bioGels they could find. AI computers could be picky and hard to use on a good day. Now angry and seeking revenge, the sentients had to deal with random attacks, bad attitudes, and a broken economic system.


Captain Graciela could escape the Hive Wars, which she may or may not have started, but not her family. Parents, simians, and octopuses sail to Earth and struggle with heat, moisture, and gravity, longing for their cool, ZeroG asteroid lifestyles. The heliospheric Navy, Pirates, the Mort asteroids, and Earth itself team up to bring the AI-controlled algal rocket ships to heel.

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