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The Ridders

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Author: Lisa Towles

Genre: Private Investigator | Thriller

Page Count: 274

Word Count: 78,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2022934185


Hardback: 978-1-64456-437-0

Paperback: 978-1-64456-438-7

Mobi: 978-1-64456-439-4

ePub: 978-1-64456-440-0

AudioBook: 978-1-64456-441-7

A young PI is unwittingly lured into a global conspiracy

linked to a WWII era secret society.


Young PI, BJ Janoff is randomly approached by a stranger with a proposition he can’t refuse – a million dollars to deliver an envelope to a hotel lobby. The pusher forces him to accept the money upfront and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t deliver the envelope in three days. BJ’s growing obsession with why the envelope’s contents would be worth that much leads him down a treacherous road toward the orchestrators of the game, where he discovers a large-scale political controversy, a treasure hunt for a priceless sword, and a global crime ring linked to a WWII-era secret society. When an act of brilliance changes the balance of power, the safety of everyone he loves is in jeopardy. And the more he digs, the closer he comes to truths he can’t bear to face – about his missing father and the elusive Bilderberg Group. 


"A fast-paced, tense and gripping murder mystery"

- Readers' Choice

"Compulsively readable, this new thriller from Towles consistently surprises and delights."

- The Book Commentary

“A captivating tale that engrosses on many levels, offers satisfyingly unpredictable twists and turns, and creates a political thriller that's hard to put down.” - Midwest Book Review

"A must-read for fans of suspense thrillers...and a cracking ending to an uncommonly absorbing novel."

- Book Viral Reviews

“Author Lisa Towles delivers a rollicking good time read where the mysteries are abundant, but no stone is left unturned in reaching its rewarding denouement.”

- Manhattan Book Review

“Author Lisa Towles really knows how to hook a reader in from minute one, with an array of entertaining characters, snappy dialogue, and a twisting plot that always has you peeking around the next corner. There was something very engrossing about the investigative narrative that made it genuinely difficult to put this book down.”

- Reader’s Favorite 

"Emotionally charged, intriguing, and very addictive..."

Award-winning Towles employs a keenly observant eye, wonderfully atmospheric setting, and striking characterization in her latest, featuring an inquisitive, clever, and curious private investigator.  (Read the full review here)

- The Prairies Book Review


"Towles has created a thriller that is both amazing in its twists and turns and at the same time relatable”

Read the full review here.

- Literary Titan

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