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Author: JW Bell

Genre: Thriller

Series: The Sigma Code Chronicles | Book Two

Page Count: 338

Word Count: 92,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023943288


Paperback: 978-1-64456-641-1

Mobi: 978-1-64456-642-8


The Dao
The Sigma Code Chronicles

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Stan and his inner voices must stop North Korea from launching a nuclear missile.


Stan, an intelligence officer in the US Army, and Doc, his psychiatrist wife, help make up a Taskforce commanded by his boss from Homeland Security, a woman named Carbonella. All three are capable of the dark world of intrigue. But Stan has this bothersome problem that no one knows about except Doc and him — several of his past-life personalities live inside of him, and they are more than fleeting glimpses. They talk to him and argue amongst themselves. And although those inner beings get him out of scrapes, they also make terrific trouble.


Determined to launch his secret missile, Kim Jong-un is ready to fight. He suspected his number one scientist of sabotaging the missile, changing something in its algorithm. While Kim's agent questioned him, the scientist died, mumbling something about his son knowing, but where is the child? General Mac orders the Taskforce to find the child and stop the missile from firing. Stan and Carbonella sneak into North Korea, but thanks to his secret hoard's shenanigans, their covert sneak is as subtle as a Fourth of July fireball ablaze in the midnight sky. Doc finds the child in Hawaii, discovering the child is an idiot savant who will not answer except to the right questions, and no one knows the question. Kim's agents kidnap the child, but the dictator collapses deathly ill before Kim can question them. In a fitful rage and without care for the consequences, Kim orders the countdown to start. Then he slips into a coma. No one can get information from the child. There is no stopping it now, and no one even suspects where the missile will blow.

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