COMING JULY 21, 2021

The Crane and the Wolf

Author: J. Darris Mitchell
Genre: Comedic Fantasy

Page Count: 300

Word Count: 60,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 


Bake for your lives!

There’s only one thing standing between the city of S’kar-Vozi and the Wolf from transforming into an insatiable flesh-hungry werewolf every full moon, the Crane’s perfectly baked and exquisitely designed cakes. But her hands aren’t what they used to be; she needs an apprentice, and only the best will do. Three bakers have been selected to participate in the bake-off of their lives… literally.


The prize?

A mansion at the very top of the city.


The contestants?

A school cafeteria cook who over-seasons her over-ripe produce, but at least it looks good.

A half-elf whose bakes taste far better than they appear.

A halfling with a bone to pick with meat-eaters.


The stakes?

An overcooked bake could cause Hollis to lose control and eat everyone in the kitchen. A soggy bottom definitely will.

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