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COMING 12/03/2024


Author: Lisa Towles

Genre: Young Adult Thriller

Page Count: 

Word Count: 86,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 






A dead body. A viral internet game. Six unsolved murders.

In the realm of genetic engineering, everyone is fair game.


Thea Riggs is shocked by a dead body in the empty house she was summoned to. It feels like a setup, like she’s being framed for murder.  By the time she discovers a connection between the body and the internet game everyone’s playing, it’s too late. They know she’s onto them. Now she’s their next target.


Lured to an underground San Francisco lab, she pieces together the hidden agenda behind what she’s seen – scientific experiments, a secret society of operatives, a labyrinth of lies hiding a decades-old cold case. She’s in deep and knows too much, but now they’ve threatened her mother. Can she alone bring down a secret crime syndicate, or is the cost of justice too high?


Specimen is an action-packed, Young Adult contemporary thriller. Fans of Blake Crouch and James Rollins will love Lisa Towles’ technical thrill ride. Join Thea’s quest for the truth and Buy Specimen today.

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