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RELEASE DATE 11/06/2024
A Cassie Maddox Mystery

Shadows of Deceit


Author: Timothy Baldwin

Series: A Cassie Maddox Mystery Book One

Genre: Mystery

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Word Count: 

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A Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse

In the gritty streets of Lenape City, private investigator Cassie Maddox uncovers a sinister web of corruption and betrayal that threatens everything she holds dear. What begins as a routine assignment quickly spirals into a deadly game of cat and mouse, exposing a clandestine kickback scheme involving the city's most powerful figures.


Haunted by her father's legacy as a respected detective, Cassie treads carefully through Lenape City's dark underbelly. With each step forward, she unearths secrets that hit too close to home, putting her loved ones in peril. Racing against time to expose the truth, Cassie must confront her demons and navigate a world where right and wrong blur beyond recognition.


Desperate for independence from her divorced parents, Cassie clashes with her overbearing father, a celebrated police detective. Determined to prove herself and break free from his shadow, she dives headfirst into danger.


"Shadows of Deceit" is a heart-pounding thriller of intrigue, betrayal, and redemption that will keep readers hooked until the very last page. Will Cassie Maddox summon the courage and cunning to bring justice to Lenape City, or will the shadows consume her?

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