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Seeing America
Poetry from Abroad


Author: Brian Groves

Genre: Poetry

Page Count: 37

Word Count: 2,612

ISBN: 978-1-64456-004-4

Being kindly invited to collaborate with the new publishing venture Indies United Publishing House, I wanted to offer something novel to potential readers in the States.


As an Englishman living in Italy, it is common to hear many stereotypes about North America. National bias and a continental attitude towards our ‘Atlantic Cousins’ cloud many a conversation. Yet these things are only a tiny piece of the picture. The poems set out here represent America as described, or at least experienced, by American friends, clients and social media contacts. Each piece has been inspired with a specific person in mind, not that it is necessary to know who he or she is.


Ideally, this collection of twenty-six poems, written in British English, provides food for thought as well as some pleasure along the way. Seeing ourselves is never an easy exercise. Seeing ourselves as others see us is even harder.


This collection is, of course, a set of personal viewpoints. Reading these poems gives you an occasion to see your country from afar, through the eyes of its inhabitants, filtered through my mind and heart. The insights may mean something or nothing. Quite rightly the eventual interpretation is the personal responsibility of you, much appreciated reader.


In any case, I hope this book becomes a catalyst for further reflection and input for you not only today but also tomorrow.


With that said, enjoy!

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