COMING July 13, 2022
The Sigma Code Chronicles

  • About the Author

Author: JW Bell

Genre: Thriller

Page Count: 346

Word Count: 90,000

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Throughout the story, an unidentified woman trains to kill, becoming more dangerous each time. She wants vengeance on the man that murdered her son.


Stan woke up in a hospital last September, remembering nothing; however, there were memories of sorts. He could remember past lives. The personalities from there talked to him lent him their skills. He is out now, and Bang! Someone shoots a woman, and the police chase him. Doc, his psychiatrist, and the only other person that knows about his mental problems, tries to turn him in. He has no idea why she did it, but he is drawn to her even so. Now, he's the prime suspect for killing a senator's wife. Mu'izz, the leader of the local ISIS, joins the chase and orders their assassin to find and kill him.


Stan's inner crowd tries to guide him with their talents, but they continually argue among themselves. He stumbles on the Burne Caucus, a conspiracy to make the senator the vice president and later the presidency. Doc brings back his memory, and as they clarify, he rediscovers several things: they are married. He's an intelligence officer in the Army, and he is a member of the Caucus, as is Mu'izz, Doc, the senator, and the assassin. The Caucus knows he's undercover, and they capture him to torture and kill him. The Feds attack. Doc has played both sides and is the anonymous woman — she has narrowed it down to either Mu'izz or Stan. In the final battle, she kills him.