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Welcoming a new author to IUPH

Eric Wright developed a passion for nature and the environment while growing up in the rural Midwest. He received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Atmospheric Science from the University of Missouri, after which he attended North Carolina State University to complete his Master’s in Climate Change and Society. Today Eric is an author and renewable energy and carbon market research analyst. In parallel with his career, he founded CarbonCurb to help individuals reduce their footprints and interface with society for the benefit of our climate. His diverse background in engineering, earth science, policy, consulting, and energy and environmental commodity markets has enabled him to bring his book, Be a Climate Warrior, to life and offer individuals a holistic tool to assist them in their climate endeavors. When Eric isn’t working to help solve climate change, he can be found hiking on the trail, foraging in the woods, playing guitar, or simply observing some minutiae of nature.

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