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Welcome a new writing team to IUPH

J.M. Coleman is the co-author of the dark sci-fi thriller series "The Lightning Arc". He is an author, teacher, and scholar, holding two bachelor's degrees in Theology and Secondary Education and one master's degree in Theological Education. He generally writes science fiction, horror, and/or fantasy, and spends his free time writing fiction and non-fiction, reading, and playing the few games he has time for.

L.L. Wirtz is co-author of The Lightning Arc. He has always had a passion for writing ever since he was kid making comics, a passion that has continued into adulthood and now takes the form of writing novels and poetry. His unique writing style is hard to replicate, and his creativity can be hard to match. When he doesn't have a pen in his hand it is often replaced with a frisbee or poi balls. He loves nature and pushing his body to the limit. When he is not exhausting himself outside during the spring and summer, you can find him inside playing a video game or watching his favorite anime. If he is not doing that he is juggling his friendships and meeting new people, constantly expanding his social life by creating new bonds - all in enough time to squeeze in an afternoon cat nap.

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