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The most unique and weirdest book series out there

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Although it’s January and the beginning of the year, I think it’s fairly safe to say that I've found the most unique and weirdest book series out there.  

Everyone has read some sci-fi, everyone has seen at least one space opera book or TV show. You kind of think you know what to expect, right? If you're told that this is a sci-fi-themed book, you think you kind of know what the writing's going to be like, right? Haha, no, wrong!  

You think you know how books are usually written, right? Like, how the plot and story are going to unfold, right? Yes, you have read a zillion books and you think you've seen it all, and rightly so, right? Haha, no, wrong again!  

Enter Bob. Bob Freeman. This weirdo has written a book that's a book but isn’t a book, that's a book series but isn’t a book series, he has written something that's… I’m not sure if there's a genre for it. How do you label a book that’s written as an… instruction manual?  

Me? Read it. Was surprised. Took a break. Read book 2. Took a break. Read book 3. Took a break. Read book 4. Now? I’m still surprised. I’m feeling seriously entertained now when I’m thinking about how to describe it. I feel like this dude wrote a book that made himself cackle and giggle and laugh out loud. It feels like he wrote a book that he wished he could read. I feel like he wrote this book series because this was exactly what he felt the world was missing. After all, it was something he himself wanted to read but couldn’t find. Am I right? I've no clue. But he's done it, the books are there, he's written them and they're strangely unique and unique fun.  

The language is quirky, it's spicy, but the spice isn’t your traditional one – it’s sciency/made up sciency spicy, and it most definitely blurs all the lines of what sci-fi should be. Does it make sense? I’m not sure. But it’s weird and I’m here for it.  

You most definitely have to have this weird and weirdly spicy sense of humor to enjoy it, and you need to have a lot of geeky, nerdy, and sciency genes in you.  

If you ever start feeling like you've read it all, or if you meet someone who says they've read it all – nope, they haven’t, unless they've read at least one of those books. Seriously. If you read those, then you may proclaim to be certified in having read it all. Maybe. Maybe not. See for yourself.

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