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I recently submitted my third novel Megastar to Lisa Orban, owner of Indies United. You may wonder why I turned it in now when the publication date is not until May 1, 2024. For my first two novels, I never began promotion until publication day. Dumb move. So, I wanted to know how the big traditional publishers debut a book. I purchased “How to Self-publish your book” by Dr. Jan Jager. There it was, step-by-step instructions. I won’t go into it, but I strongly recommend reading this book. It’s the best I’ve read. Following the book’s instructions, I created a PR schedule that begins in January, four months before publication. I also sought and received eight advance reviews by sending out an ARC of the book while my editor (Jennie Rosenblum) and I were doing some final editing. The reviews have been positive. I can begin using them in all of my early PR efforts. Spoil alert!! Setting up an advanced PR schedule was a lot of work. Still, I hope that following the book’s instructions brings positive results for the launch of Megastar. I promise to follow up with our group later in 2024 with the results and whether it was worth all the effort. - RJ Eastwood [aka Robert Emery]

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