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Ellen Shapiro's Murder on Drake Street Receives Glowing Review From The International Review of Books

Murder on Drake Street earns a very positive review from The International Review of Books, formatted down below. You can also visit Ellen Shapiro's website here.

Which line stood out from all the others in the book?

Now it was up to me to find out what he was hiding.

General Summary for Context:

Private Investigator Maddie Landon takes on the daunting task of investigating a suspicious death while keeping her former partner and lover at arm's length.

Concise Review:

Right out of the gate, Murder on Drake Street was a page-turner. The dialogue flowed naturally and kept things moving along. Maddie was a flawed and relatable character who struggled to keep her personal and professional lives separate.

Despite being the second instalment in the series, there's enough background information provided that readers can effortlessly follow the investigation's progression and witness Maddie's development. Maddie's supportive circle of friends and family adds a positive layer to the narrative.

The plot keeps readers on their toes as clues intertwine and lead in unexpected directions. My only real complaint is that things moved along so quickly I didn’t have time to process the scenes and character interactions before Maddie jumped to a new line of investigation. If I ever required the services of a private investigator, Maddie would be the gal for me! I look forward to reading more about her investigative cases.

General thoughts on the Novel:

The focus on dialogue, rather than internal thoughts or extensive descriptions, proved effective in this story. While readers do get glimpses of Maddie's internal struggles, and there are some general descriptions of places, I wished for a bit more elaboration on the scenes as Maddie unravelled the crime and the mysteries surrounding her birth family.

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