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BOOK RELEASE 04/21/2024
Fox Hollow Road Abduction Series

Pharaoh’s Star


Author: Olivia Hardy Ray

Genre: Science Fiction

Series: Fox Hollow Road Abduction Series | Book Two

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Where Does the Truth Unfold?


The continuation of Fox Hollow and the return of Nick Dowling. The mystery that unfolded on a dark, eerie back road in upstate New York sent Nick Dowling on a frantic quest to understand his past. What he discovered about himself slowly drove him toward madness. Where does the truth unfold, in mystery or in a dream? Is truth the illusion he can't embrace? Just who is Nick Dowling? The truth is revealed in this continuation of Pharaoh’s Star. Meet the motives of the Pharaoh’s and the fate of Nick’s daughter in this gripping tale of abduction.


“A Gripping Tale”

“Suspenseful, Dark and Powerful”

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