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Infinite Indies
Poetry Edition 2021


Authors: Wendy L. AndersonTimothy R. Baldwin, E.L. BeanLaura DiNovis BerryBob Freeman, Aaron S Gallagher, Brian GrovesLisa Orban, Leslie PiggottGary Simmons,  Guy Thair, Yetta Yvette

Genre: Poetry A Multi-Author Anthology

Word Count: 2000

Page Count: 15


ePub: 978-1-64456-297-0

April is National Poetry Month.


To celebrate, the poets and authors of Indies United have joined together and created a free poetry collection for your reading enjoyment. So, curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy an evening of literary wine-tasting and savor a sampling of poetry from our publishing house. This perfect blend of poetic verse allows you to explore the diverse offerings available at Indies United Publishing House.


Contributing Authors:

Wendy L. Anderson - Timothy R. Baldwin - E.L. Bean - Laura DiNovis Berry - Bob Freeman - Aaron S Gallagher - Brian Groves - Lisa Orban - Leslie Piggott - Gary Simmons - Guy Thair - Yetta Yvette


This diverse group of award winning authors and poets varies as much as their exploration of lyrical verse. From feel good to scary, from thought provoking to humorous, we proudly present our first poetry collection.

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