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COMING 10/06/2021

Glamor Girl

Author: Vera Jane Cook

Series: The Fourniers Book Two

Genre: Historical Fiction

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Always tell men what they want to hear

and build your fortress.


Hannah's third child, Sheela, flees her aunt's motel where she is forced to work as a cleaning maid and provide ‘favors’ for wealthy guests. She flees her environment and winds up in Miami in Kit Malone's fancy brothel. Beautiful and stately, Sheela becomes a high-class prostitute, a millionaire’s mistress and a Billy Rose showgirl. When she meets the love of her life in Manhattan, the charming but naive Julius Clark, life blossoms into something both frightening and titillating. But when Sheela gives birth to her daughter, Fanny, it is this shadowy and stormy relationship that alters the course of both of their destinies and defines their future.