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Author: Isabelle A. Nelson

Co-Author: Michael D. Nelson

Series: The Annie Abbott Adventures | Book Two

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Page Count: 278

Word Count: 68,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023942806


Hardback: 978-1-64456-628-2

Paperback: 978-1-64456-629-9

Mobi: 978-1-64456-630-5

ePub: 978-1-64456-631-2

AudioBook: 978-1-64456-632-9

The Annie Abbott Adventures
Annie Abbott and the Race to the Red Queen

The great library of wisdom and lore awaits the coming of the key


To see the life in all things and feel the life that surrounds you is to know real magic. Annie Abbott, has begun to realize the true strength and power of magic. She has learned that magic is real, and it is in everything and everyone, and most of all it is in her. Until recently, Annie was a junior high school student. She was a diligent student and got good grades. She was happy with her life and thought it was full enough, but then the world, her world shifted.


Living with her father, Michael Abbott, a college professor of medieval history, she discovers that not only is there magic in the world, but that she had somehow inherited great quantities of it from her women ancestors dating all the way back to the warrior-sorceress Morganna Pendragon, apprentice of Merlin the Magnificent.


All her life, her father kept the secret of her power and her identity. As her twelfth birthday approached, her magical self-began to assert itself, and she began to realize that things would never be the same. As her ability to channel magic, her father could no longer keep who she was, and would become a secret. He reveals himself to her as also having many gifts himself, and that he was sworn to protect her. Together with his two best friends, Rafer Tate and Gabe McDonald they launch on a quest for a mysterious treasure of the ages.


But as they begin, the strength of Annie’s gift also reveals her to those evil ones, and they pursue her and the three protectors. It is a mad dash to stay ahead of the army of the unclean and find those that can teach Annie how to control the gifts she has inherited. There is danger at every turn, and battles are fought to protect her. As all the while her powers continue to grow.


Finally Annie realizes that to be safe, she must go it alone. By her very presence she is endangering everyone around her. In an epic last battle, she summons the powers of the elements and raises an army of trees to defend herself. The demonstration of strength is terrifying both for her, and her allies.


She knows that her education must continue, but that she must try and do it alone. The great library of wisdom and lore, has been sealed for ages beyond counting. It awaits the key to open door and she is the key. Somehow, she must find the Keeper of the Books of Wisdom and unlock the secrets of the ages. But first, she has to survive.

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