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Copper Series
A Wolf at the Door

Author: JB Murray
Series: Copper | Book Three
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Page Count: 253
Library of Congress Control Number: 2020946688


Paperback: 978-1-64456-198-0

Mobi: 978-1-64456-199-7

ePub: 978-1-64456-200-0

One giant step for mankind…

one, clumsy, tripping over my own feet plunging into the world below for me


When Gabriel Copper helps a young girl get back home to her own world, one clumsy step sends him tumbling into a world he never knew existed. One where folklore and myth collide; where things lurk in the woods, and spirits roam in search of revenge.


A violent murder in the Otherworld forces Eoghan to call a meeting of the council. On it sit leaders from various clans, all intent on finding who or what committed the act. But as new clues are discovered, the truth is far darker than any could imagine. And what comes next, all might be powerless to stop.


When moons are full, and shadows fall, what lies within the darkness calls.

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