RELEASE DATE 02/15/2023
A Long Way Home

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Author: Myra Hargrave McIlvain
Genre: Narrative Fiction

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Can Meredith take the plunge and meet the challenges of her past?


Meredith Haggerty cripples her husband in a car crash and endures years of his physical abuse. She plans to escape if she can find a way to make it look as if she died and leave him a rich widower. When she escapes the fall of the North Tower on 9/11, she grabs her chance for a new life.


Her seatmate on the bus headed south is Father Jacque Richelieu a medical doctor who offers her a job at his community center on the Texas Rio Grande. Father Rich and the friendly locals along the Mexican border, welcome Meredith into their lively enclave. The honesty and humility of the folks she meets stirs a yearning in Meredith to reveal her true identity.


A handsome border patrol agent shows too much interest for Meredith’s comfort and Father Rich, who becomes a good friend, stirs feelings she tries to ignore. Is it possible for Meredith to resolve her conflicting emotions and confront her past?