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RELEASE DATE 12/06/2023
The Lost Xuntu Series
A Far Cry


Author: Marie Judson

Series: Lost Xuntu

Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi

Word Count: 

Page Count: 

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No world can hold her


Yanda, abducted from her world, her life as surgeon, returns home only to find nothing is as she expected. Forced into an underground movement to try to trace her daughter’s movements, Yanda will go to any length—even dropping into dark waters with nothing but her sight and her will to save her family—Yanda seeks the help of sea elves. And finds allies, but also dark secrets that demand her complete transformation. A friend who’d been a fellow prisoner, an enemy who becomes more than friend—Yanda is never without resources, but her mission calls for more than any of them can provide. Ash-don, stone of the Sea Elves pushes her almost beyond endurance, beyond the known universe, to follow a far cry.

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