Yetta Yvette

Yetta Yvette is an Author, Screenwriter, Poet, Entrepreneur, Licensed Cosmetologist and Model. It might be true that Yetta is a bit of a workaholic, but she's more than just that. When she is not working she enjoys life to the fullest by spending time in various activities such as writing, dancing, styling, traveling, fitness workouts, and hanging out with family and closest friends.


Life and Career


Yetta was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. She migrated to California, as a young child and later attended Hollywood High Performing Arts School. The art of beautification caught her interest. Yetta studied Cosmetology at Flavio Beauty College, after high school. She proudly passed her licensure exam in 1994. Aside from her successful career, as a Licensed Cosmetologist and model, she indulged into writing. Yetta was always a confident and strong writer in her college years and took up English classes, specifically to hone her craft. Yetta particularly loves writing stories “based on” or “inspired by” true events, where people were challenged and had to overcome their obstacles in life. Her book entitled, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number was published on December of 2014. It is based on a true story. As a non-fiction writer, Yetta believes that books are not about their words, but rather the quality of the message that will impact one's life.

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Football Superstar

Genre: Narrative NonFiction


Based on real life events

You never know how your life is going to turn out...

Especially when the odds are already against you.


Age Ain't Nothing

but a Number

New Release

Genre: Narrative NonFiction


Based on a true story, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number exposes the happiness, sadness, and revelations of infidelity in this romance between a successful businessman and his much younger secretary.