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Tweetomizer is a Content Management System that helps you manage all your Twitter ad campaigns and other Tweets you would like to post every 24 hours.

The key difference between this and any scheduling system is that you create building blocks for your Tweets and Tweetomizer randomizes those building blocks, creating unique Tweets every time.


For example, if you create a Campaign with 5 different main texts, 5 different links, 5 different hashtag sets, and 5 different graphics, that gives you 5x5x5x5 or 625 different combinations.


If you create a little more extensive Campaign with 8 different main texts, 3 different links, 6 different hashtag sets, and 20 different graphics, that gives you 2880 different combinations. In other words, from that simple Campaign that only takes you minutes to set up, Tweetomizer can post unique Twitter posts for you for the next 2880 days. That’s almost 8 years of daily unique Tweets and it only took you 5 minutes to set it up!


Don’t just take our word for it – try it for free by clicking here:

To connect to Tweetomizer

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