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T. E. MacArthur

T. E. MacArthur, award-winning author, artist, historian, amateur cat whisperer, and parapsychologist wannabe lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her cat and far too many books.  Can one have too many books? 

She began her career with the standout Steampunk series, The Volcano Lady, and the classic one-shilling serial, The Gaslight Adventures of Tom Turner.  A Place of Fog and Murder is her Noir-Punk mystery, bringing a fantasy sci-fi 1930s San Francisco to life with her tough-as-nails femme-fatale-detective, Lou Tanner P.I., through exciting car chases and Chandleresque witty repartee.

She’s even written for several specialized publications, anthologies, and was an accidental sports reporter for Reuters News.

Now her storytelling has dramatically shifted direction to embrace the paranormal, her lifelong obsession, with the creation of her newest novel, The Skin Thief (Literary Titan Award Winner,) set in the Four Corners region of Colorado, not too far from where she grew up.  Filled with the action and adventure she loves to write; The Skin Thief draws together ancient and modern evils in a cauldron of thrills -- with more than a hint of romance.

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