S.R. Ruark

My interests are widely varied, so much so that when discussing different types of genres and subcultures; I keep being asked which lane I’m driving in. All I can say is that my lane is usually all over the map! My stories are never just short stories. I think I have one, maybe two that I can/will call short, but even then they will end up being close to 75 page novellas. I keep a dream journal and a notebook just for one liners/off the cuff remarks because anything can and will be used! An SCA enthusiast with a wide range of friends and interest including but not limited to fencing, dancing, cooking and reading anything not being sat on by a cat.

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Books by S.R. Ruark


Coyote Laughing

Genre: Crime Caper

Carrie & Autumn are college girls with a simple dream: To score enough weed to pay off their last semester of college. But when the buy goes terribly wrong they have their entire world turned upside down. Coyote Laughing is a witty and irreverent tale about the best of intentions going horribly sideways.


A Song for the Dead

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book Three: The Siren Series


Gods and Necromancers battle for the soul of one ship while a world of water fights to preserve the lives of those left behind.


A Drowning World

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book One: The Siren Series

Can a drowning world withstand the tides of change that threaten to pull them all under?


Infinite Indies


Genre: A Multi-Author Anthology


A feast of fiction. Flights of fantasy. A smidgen of SciFi. And a dash of dark romance. Stories to titillate any taste.


A Siren's Song

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book Two: The Siren Series


Old Gods rage against the new over a world and they will stop at nothing,  including raising the dead, to win the war.