RJ Eastwood

RJ Eastwood is from the southwest, smokes thin cigars, and likes his whiskey (how couldn't he with that name?!). He has a soft spot for kittens and damsels in distress and enjoys the occasional game of poker with friends. He lives in an adobe-style house where he can watch the sunset every evening from his front porch.


Well, not really… this name is as fictional as his writing. In truth, R.J. Eastwood is the pen name for Robert J. Emery, whose bio is also on the Indies United site.

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Books by RJ Eastwood


Midnight Black

Genre: Political Fiction - Future History


Returning to Earth after 20 years of isolation, Billy Russell finds himself thrown into a world where the autocratic billionaires have seized control of the world after a nuclear attack. With no regard for humanity in their quest for power, the new regime is spiraling into unchecked poverty, crime, disease, and drug addiction.


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