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Story Impact featuring Robert Emery

Featuring an interview with Bob Emery, an award-winning novelist and filmmaker, he discusses his career and latest novel, “Megastar.”

Hosted by Lisa TOS, the series aims to provide authors a platform to share their vision and the impact they hope their books will have. Bob reflects on his journey from writing short stories as a teenager to becoming an independent filmmaker and author. He emphasizes the importance of writing stories he loves, never outlining, and allowing characters to develop the plot. The conversation also touches on the challenges of marketing in the crowded publishing industry and the need to be visible and memorable.


[00:00:03]3 Introduction to the series

  • Host Lisa TOS explains the series’ purpose

  • Focus on authors’ vision and book impact

  • Lisa’s background as a crime novelist

[00:00:48]4 Bob Emery’s career

  • Transition from Air Force to ad agency to film

  • Independent filmmaking and literary awards

  • Discussion on his latest release, “Megastar”

[00:04:36]5 Writing process and inspiration

  • Bob’s transition to writing novels after retirement

  • The influence of music on his creative process

  • The conception of “Megastar” and its protagonist

[00:12:57]6 Publishing industry insights

  • The evolution of the publishing industry

  • The necessity of marketing for authors

  • The impact of “Megastar” on readers

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