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Paul L. Centeno

Paul L. Centeno is an award-winning fantasy and science-fiction author, born and raised in New York City. As a young adult, he studied at Herbert H. Lehman College where he earned a BA in Philosophy and Creative Writing. After graduation, he worked with Gabriel Packard, Associate Director of the Creative Writing MFA Program at Hunter College, to master his craft.


His fantasy novel, The Vagrant Chronicle, was critically acclaimed in Writer’s Digest Annual Book Awards. Kirkus Reviews, in their January 15th, 2013 magazine, stated, “Centeno yearns to create something completely new, and if we immerse ourselves in his cosmos, we will be richly rewarded.”In 2014 and 2015, he won awards from Writers of the Future for his short stories, Steamwalker and Celestial Heights. Later in 2016, he started receiving auditions from voice actors for his novels. As of 2020, he signed a contract with actress Courtney Holly to create the audiobooks of his new fantasy series.


Centeno lives in Florida and is currently working on his tenth novel.

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